IDENTIFY THE PAIN IN YOUR BACK – IS IT SCIATICA? “The immune system of the human body has got almost all the features of adequately defending and healing itself.” This statement is strongly supported by most of the people. They also feel that a lot of extensive treatments and invasive medical procedures such as surgeries etc. is not required all the time. Treatments in the form of exercises such as yoga, organic medicines etc. are preferred by such people. In case of sciatica affected patients, a certain percentage may go for such kind of non-invasive treatment to cure their pain.

Some people use vitamin D to improve their back pain. Vitamin D is naturally produced by the body when it’s exposed to the sun. Recent studies have shown that many people who were suffering from some form of musculoskeletal disorder were deficient in vitamin D. A completely free and non-invasive way of obtaining Vitamin D is through sunlight and if that is not possible, you might consider adding supplements in your food intake.

The health of your brain as well as of your overall body is greatly benefited by Vitamin B 12. A lack of vitamin B 12 leads to decreased muscle control, and could even lead to pernicious anaemia. B 12 also helps reduce the intensity and frequency of acute and chronic back pain. Regular dose of Vitamin B 12 by sciatica patients would be an effective alternative as compared to invasive over-the counter medications. If your system lacks vitamin B 12, you can add it by consuming various meats and poultry.

The health of the central nervous system as well as of our muscles depends significantly upon a mineral known as magnesium. For a healthy well being, this mineral needs to be consumed in the appropriate amount. An overdose of it would cause health problems such as anxiety, sciatica, agitation and restless leg syndrome. Over three hundred chemical reactions in the human body require magnesium. In case of magnesium deficiency, the best food sources are nuts, seeds, broccoli, carrots, spinach, chocolate and deep dark leafy greens.

The symptoms and pain of sciatica affected people can be countered by proper workouts and exercises. But, do you know the effect of something called yoga? Yoga is an activity that improves the natural flexibility and strength of the human body. As per a few recent studies, sciatica patients have reported that their back pain and instability have been greatly reduced with regular practice of yoga.

One treatment for sciatica pain is to strengthen your abdominal and back muscles through simple exercises. Through such exercises, your muscles would grow strong which would result in more relief for your spine as it has to carry less body weight. Rather than listening to yourself, you should take the advice of a certified fitness expert/professional as to what kinds of workouts would be suited for you. Following of an improper training program may actually make your sciatica pain worse and you would get no result from the exercises.

Bed rest is a less good option in comparison to exercises for reducing the sciatica pain. You might want to rest for the first day or two after your sciatica flares up, but after that, inactivity will make your back pain worse. With a lack of movement, your back muscles will become weak. That can lead to back injury and strain. Extra pressure on your sciatica nerve is prevented due to regular exercise which helps in ensuring proper exchange of fluids and nutrients within the spinal discs and thus keeping them healthy.

In order to maintain a good flexible body and effective strength to carry out daily activities, one should follow a regular workout program. In addition to strengthening your abdominal and core muscles, you should focus more on muscles that are directly associated with your sciatica, such as the piriformis muscle. The piriformis muscle is located on the inside of your buttocks, and the sciatica nerve runs right through it. If this nerve tightens, it puts pressure on the sciatica nerve. To stretch this muscle, lie flat on your back and pull your legs up to a 45 degree angle. Place your right leg over your left as if you are crossing them and gently pull them towards your chest until you feel the pull in your buttocks. Release this position after holding for one minute. Repeat the exercise after switching the legs.

You could also try massaging therapy as a natural treatment to sciatica pain. Plus, pregnant women who are having a tough time adjusting to their weight gain will also benefit from gentle, lower back massage.

For those that suffer from acute sciatica attacks, you can follow these simple self-care guidelines to reduce pain during these times. First of all, you should avoid taking long naps and resting all day in bed. While you should avoid overly straining your back and lifting heavy items, it is better to remain active to keep your muscles from tightening up. You can also apply hot packs to your back. Direct heat is often more affective at relieving pain than pain killers. Hot and cold packs should be alternatively applied, in case the pain is mainly centered on your lower back.

Although it’s always best to first see your doctor when you experience sciatica pain or symptoms, it is not always necessary to fill your body with chemicals such as pain killers. In order to relieve yourself of the sciatica symptoms, you can always opt for natural choices apart from making changes in your lifestyle such as diet, exercises etc.

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