The advantage of homeopathy over all other treatment is –

Safe – No side effects

Effective  – Both in short term quick effect and long term management

Quick – The response is quick almost immediate

Affordable – Very cost effective treatment

Pain is one of that most common but unbearable problem that seeks alternative therapies. And if you are looking for pain relief, you are going to look at all the possible remedies for pain relief.  Homoeopathic treatment is a great way to help people with pain management. The system of homoeopathy was developed by a German physicist, namely Samuel Christian Hahnemann over almost 200 years ago. Hahnemann was a great physicist in his time who observed that in some cases he could cure people of their different health condition if he delivers them a small number of substances that would cause the same symptoms in a healthy individual if given in stronger doses.

Homeopathic Pain Medicines are many. Doctor will give you right medicine based on cause of pain, type of pain, location or which body part is affected and also after noting down how pain increases and decreases. So pain management in homeopathy is specific to what is the nature of pain. They are quick acting and effective.

The best part of homeopathy is there are no side effects. You can take them long term with out any harm or unwanted effect.

Here are some homoeopathic remedies in pain management.

  • Bryonia is one of the best homoeopathic pain relievers for slipped disk problems. Experts prescribe this medicine when the patient feels cramp-like pain all over their back. The painful stiffness on the back that creates issues while walking or sitting. The patients sometimes feel shooting under their left shoulder, that extends to the heart, and it is also aggravated greatly with cough and respiration problems. Bryonia patients are angry and irritable. Bryonia can treat the pains like tearing pains, which becomes worse at night, coughing and it can get better by absolute rest and lying on the painful side.
  • Aesculus is an amazing homoeopathic remedy that relieves lower back pain. The type of back pain that feels worse while standing up. Aesculus is the type of homoeopathic medicine for the people who are suffering from this kind of back pain. It also tends to hemorrhoids and venous congestion.
  • This is a very useful homeopathic remedy for lower back pain and other muscle weaknesses. This remedy is given especially when the person is overweight, flabby or chilly who quickly gets tired of exertion. The chronic low back pain and other muscle weakness that may lead to inflammation and soreness can be cured with this homoeopathic remedy too.
  • We use this when back pain occurs while lying on a hard object against the painful area. The person often seems reserved and formal. However, they have strong emotions. This remedy is highly recommended for the back pain that caused because of suppressed emotions, especially anger or hurt feeling.
  • This homoeopathic remedy is very often used to treat the sciatica of the left side. Doctors recommend this medicine if the patient refers to the area of pain around the left sciatic nerve. This kind of pain starts generating from the lower back and generally grows down the legs to the toes. In some of the cases, the pain mainly located in the left hip, or pain in the hip radiates to knee. These pains can be shooting, drawing or tearing, and in some cases, this pain can be lightening or shock-like too.
  • Arnica Montana is one of the most used homoeopathic pain reliever remedies. It is also a very useful medicine for relieving sciatica that is arising from a back injury. These causes of these injuries can be blows and falls. Whatever the reason is, Arnica Montana has been miraculously treating sciatic pains from ages. Doctors tends to prescribe Arnica Montana in the cases of soreness of lower limbs. In these cases, the pain of the patient is unbearable, even with the slightest touch on the affected area. Walking or stooping with this pin becomes impossible.
  • Intense sciatica pain is a kind of pain that can be treated by Homeopathic remedies like Cotyledon Umbilicus. With this type of sciatica, a feeling of heaviness in the lower limbs occurs. Also, Cotyledon Umbilicus shows amazing healing in cases such as stinging pain in the left hip.
  • Rhus Toxicodendron is a homoeopathic remedy made of poison ivy. This homoeopathic remedy is very effective, particularly with rheumatoid arthritis. However, this particular remedy is not for the who has diagnosed with osteoarthritis. This is a great remedy for back pains and different kinds of pains that is worse and unbearable in the morning, but the condition gets better slowly with the motion and heat.
  • Bellis per is an amazing homoeopathy remedy for fibromyalgia. The main causes of muscular lameness and soreness are injuries of the nerves with intense soreness, sometimes the intolerance of cold bathing can also be the reason for Muscular soreness. In these cases, the pain radiates from the anterior thighs. The soreness of the abdominal walls can also be treated with Bellis per.
  • Sanguinaria Canadensis is a homoeopathic remedy derived from the bloodroot plant. This particular homoeopathic remedy shows great results in curing a frozen right shoulder. This is the kind of pains that are continuously present on the top right shoulder of the patient. This types of pains often get worse at night and especially when you are trying to get into the bed. The patient feels uncomfortable and difficult to raise his right arm as the distressing pain continues.
  • Colic is mainly the pain infants and newborn babies faces. When the baby screams in pain, cranky or restless, and they do not know what they want are the times when doctors give them doses of Chamomilla. Chamomilla is an amazing homoeopathic remedy to cure colic. Carrying hard and constantly or rock them are the ways to keep the child quiet. Their stools might smell like rotten eggs. Their abdomen can be distended, and cheeks might be hot and swollen.
  • When pains are related to menstruation cramps. When the pain occurs suddenly, Belladonna is the best homoeopathic remedy to cure menstruation pain. The cramping pain starts and stops suddenly are the symptoms that you might need this medication.
  • This homoeopathic remedy is constantly used for centuries to cure nerve damage, widely known as neuropathy. This can also be an amazing way to cure neuropathy.

So, these were some homoeopathic remedies for different kinds of pains in our human body. However, always have expert opinions before consuming them. 


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